Golf Cart DOT Windshield Tinted fits Gorilla Rides EV G Series & Venom D

Sale price$229.95


  • Street Legal: DOT (department of transportation) certified windshield for your Gorilla Rides G Series golf cart. Shatter-proof windshield that meets all of the LSV (Low-Speed Vehicle) requirements of the DOT.
  • Fits: Gorilla Rides EV G Series.
  • Fits: Venom D Series.
  • Golf cart Safety: This windshield is built with a tough of acrylic and helps protect passengers from rain and wind.
  • Clear Visibility:  The Tinted windshield easily folds up and down while reducing sun glare while driving or inviting a refreshing breeze into the cabin.
  • The collapsible windshield is perfect for shielding against wind and airborne particles while driving.
  • Hardware included.
  • Professional Installation Recommended.

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