Golf Cart Motor 4KW Compatible With Gorilla Rides - EV Titan - Vivid EV - Kodiak

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  • 【Fits】• Gorilla Rides: H4L, H6L, A6L, A4L  • EV Titan: Spyder and Rover SeriesAlpha bodies.  • Vivid EV: Peak G, Peak 4, Peak 6, Peak 4L  • Kodiak: Apex KP-4, Apex KD-4 
  • Model HPQ4-48-10N 
  • 4kW AC motor, 33V 78 AMPS, 2590 RPM 88.5 Hz
  • Simple structure
  • High reliability
  • Big torque and high efficiency
  • OEM factory replacements.
  • Professional installation required. 

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