Golf Cart Empower 48V Controller (MC3818-4840) Compatible with Gorilla Rides - EV Titan - Vivid EV - Kodiak - Royal EV

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  • 【Fits】•Gorilla Rides: H4L, H6L, A6L, A4L • EV Titan: Spyder Series, Rover 4 seater, Rover 6 Seater • Alpha bodies  • Vivid EV: Peak G, Peak 4, Peak 6, Peak 4L • Kodiak: Apex KP-4, Apex KD-4 • Royal  EV: R4L 
    • Model Number: MC3818-4840, 48V Controller
    • Enpower Controller offers smooth, silent, cost-effective motor speed and torque control.
    • Programmable
    • Fail-Safe power component design.
    • Reverse polarity protection on battery connections.
    • High-temperature adaptability.
    • Professional installation required. 
    • OEM factory replacement, additional professional programming may be needed.

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