Golf Cart Electric Brake CDC-Z12ZT 48V 50W fits Gorilla Rides EV G Series, Venom D, Villager Model, Legion EV and ActivEV

Sale price$299.95


  • Fits:  Gorilla G Series.
  • Fits: Venom D model, and G Wagon model.
  • Fits: Legion L and S models.
  • Fits: ActivEV Pulse. 
  • Reference: CDC-Z12ZT.
  • DC: 48V 50W 50N.m.
  • Replaceable rotor.
  • Mounted hand release (Optional).
  • Designed for 100% duty cycle.
  • Can be mounted on both sides.
  • Compact and fast installation.
  • Professional Installation Required.
  • OEM Replacement.
  • * Prices are good for online purchases only *

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