Golf Cart DOT Windshield Clear fits Gorilla Rides EV G Series & Venom D

Sale price$279.95


    • Street Legal: DOT (department of transportation) certified windshield for your Gorilla Rides G Series golf cart. Shatter-proof windshield that meets all of the LSV (Low-Speed Vehicle) requirements of the DOT.
    • Fits: Gorilla Rides EV G Series. 
    • Fits: Venom D Model 
    • Golf cart Safety: This windshield is built with a tough of acrylic and helps protect passengers from rain and wind.
    • Clear Visibility:  This clear windshield easily folds up and down. The folding windshield is great for letting air in on warm summer days or to block rain in your line of sight while driving.
    • Hardware included.
    • Professional Installation Recommended.

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