Golf Cart Battery Charger Lester Summit Compatible With Yamaha 2-Pin Plug and 8.5' DC Cord

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  • 【Fits】Yamaha 2-Pin Plug and 8.5' DC Cord
  • Lester Summit Series II Battery Charger 650W 36/48V with Yamaha 2-Pin Plug with 8.5 Ft. DC Cord
  • 650W models, 48V/22A, 36V/25A, 24V/25A, Universal AC input with IEC inlet 85-265 Vac, 45-65 Hz
  • Bluetooth wireless communication Apps for Apple ® and Android ™ phones and tablets
    • View charge cycle status
    • Time remaining, time elapsed, current, voltage, amp-hours, phase, faults
    • Select the active charge profile
    • Upload new charge profiles to the charger
    • Download charge cycle history records
    • Cloud connectivity via the app
    • Download new charge profiles from the Cloud
    • Upload charge cycle history records to the Cloud for access anywhere in the world
  • Switch mode (high frequency) technology
    • Wet/flooded, AGM, and gel deep-cycle lead-acid and Lithium-ion charge profiles
    • Progressive DV/DT ™ charge algorithm support
    • On-board (built-in) or off-board (shelf) charging
  • High reliability, durability, and longevity. Sealed enclosure, IP66, NEMA 4.
  • Intelligent natural convection cooling (no fan)
  • Lockout / interlock
  • OEM Replacement
  • Professional installation required.


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